Metropolitan Clinic
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Real Laser, Real Result.
Skin that glow, Radiance without annoying make up... Flawless beauty without blemish, melasma or acne is always dream of women. With sun, aging, stress and pollutions diminished the beautiful youthful you. Secret that many stars and celebrities didn’t mention- Metropolitan Clinic –
Metropolitan Clinic offer wide range of laser and treatment to bring back yourself youthful, beauty and confident. 
We understand everyone’s beauty inspirations. Whether aging adult or late-teenager, woman or man, tan or fair, everybody wants their best look. Metropolitan is established to deliver perfecting beauty. Every skin is an individual in its own way, and our specialized skin physicians & therapists know it. 
Elegant, Youthful, Forever young, Elite or any way you wish. Starting from confidence you got when you looked at your flawless face in the mirror. Metropolitan clinic can solved the skin problems you had and artistically create balanced, natural-looking, beautiful facial contour using Botox and Derma filler. Walk in as you are, and walk out as beautiful as you want to be.
Metropolitan Clinic ชั้น, 3 The Mercury Ville @Chidlom
Contact : 02-639-3631
Opening Hours : Everyday
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