Crostini Italian Bar & Restaurant by Wine Bibber Sangria
ครอสตินี อิตาเลียน บาร์ แอนด์ เรสเตอรองต์ บาย ไวน์ บิ๊บเบอร์ ซังเกรีย
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Start up at Asiatique The River Front by offering authentic Italian food. In a warm and friendy ambience that control the quality by Head of Chef Italians Mr.Mario Pira Fancello that is as the specialist of Italian food.
Crostini name comes from the Bread Crostini that is the bread baked for Snacking before a main dish. Generally in Thailand, The Bread Crostini is known in name garlic bread, but actually Crostini has many toast with options such as cheese, pesto sauce, eggplant purple, mushroom which Bread Crostini cannot found easily in restaurants Italian general. Who like Italian food must try to taste.
At The Crostini, we have the Italian food for wide selection such as soups, salads, pizza, be it spaghetti and includes a main dish such as steak meat Australasia, steak salmon and dessert Italian Style for you to feast on. In addition, the restaurant also has a wine bar for those who like to drink wine.
Crostini Italian Bar & Restaurant by Wine Bibber Sangria ชั้น, 4 The Mercury Ville @Chidlom
Contact : 02-639-3710
Opening Hours : Everyday 11.00 - 23.00
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