Starbucks Coffee
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Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in Thailand since July 1998. Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) now operates 169 retail locations throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. The company is dedicated to making the Starbucks Experience a rewarding part of the day for all its customers in Thailand, while contributing positively to the community through its sponsorship of sustainable coffee production with Thai hill tribes under the name of Muan Jai® (Thai blended coffee).

Starbucks always initiates handcrafted beverages one at a time and invites customers to personalize their beverages. Starbucks partners strive to provide the best coffee experience and are always ready to share with customers background on Starbucks coffee heritage.
Starbucks Coffee ชั้น, 1 The Mercury Ville @Chidlom
Contact : 02-658-7366
Opening Hours : Mon - Fri 07.00 AM - 09.30 PM | Sat - Sun 07.30 AM - 09.00 PM
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