“GIVE-GO-GET” For Chinese Travelers only!
“GIVE-GO-GET” For Chinese Travelers only!
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“给-供-获” 为中国游客提供专属特惠!
通过点评或微信APP分享您在Mercury Ville@Chidlom的美好经历(须设为对公众开放),立马获取既可爱又实用的小礼品! 

  • 第一步: 给我们留下评论
  • 第二步:请到 1 楼的服务台,显示您的手机屏幕以及护照.
  • 第三步:获取可爱的小礼物!
截止日期为 2019年12月31日


“GIVE-GO-GET” For Chinese Travelers only!
Share your wonderful experience at Mercury Ville @Chidlom via Dian Ping or WeChat application (public post only, please) Then get a souvenir from us! 

3 East Steps!
  • Step 1 - Give us a review
  • Step 2 - Go to the information 1st floor (show your phone with passport)
  • Step 3 - Get a Souvenir!
Now - 31 December 2019
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