About us @CoCo
About us @CoCo
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In 1997, Chairman & Co-Founder Tommy Hung, noticed a declining trend in the traditional tea growing and trading business as the tastes and habits of the younger generations evolved. In response, Chairman Hung joined forces with Director Kuo, a fourth generation tea grower in the Dansui area, and Director Chen, then a young man full of ambitions and ideals, to open the first CoCo store in Dansui, which has now grown into a picturesque sea-port town outside of the bustling Taipei City.

The three founders managed CoCo with professional, quality-oriented and innovative ideals based on the concepts of "Consistency and Continuity." With the foundation of founding traditions, bold innovations and international perspective, we built up our corporate spirit of "embrace tradition, unleash innovation, seize the world," thus successfully expanding our business into China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the United States. Based on our Standard Operating Procedure, rigorous internal training, tasty drinks and high quality services, CoCo has become a leading brand in the freshly-made drinks industry.

For the future, CoCo will continue to dedicate itself to innovation and improvements of operations in order to build an even more sustainable and profitable business. We will continue to develop new product lines, modernize the customer experience, and broaden the accessibility to our brand, thus further penetrating into the worldwide markets and becoming truly the leading brand of fresh food and beverage chain stores in the world.

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